How to set timer, alarm and use stopwatch in Ubuntu 20.04

Throughout the day while we are working, for different situations we need to set a timer or an alarm and sometimes we need to use the stopwatch. But, unfortunately, there is no built-in software for this task in Ubuntu 20.04. Throughout the next sections, we will see how to use these features in Ubuntu.

There are several ways to do these things. But in this post, we are going to see how to set timer, alarm and use stopwatch in Ubuntu by using GNOME clocks.

Installing GNOME Clocks

For an easy way of installing GNOME Clocks, the very first things we need to do is to open the Ubuntu software centre (In recent updates, it is named only software).

Open software / Ubuntu software centre

In the search bar enter GNOME clocks. In the results, you will see GNOME clocks. If you have Snap installed, You can see “GNOME Clocks” twice. You can install any of this.

search for GNOME Clocks

Click on GNOME Clocks and it will take you to the installation page. click on install.

Click on Install

If you see installation is not starting, try changing the source to Ubuntu.

change source to ubuntu

When it needs authentication, provide your password. Within a few moments, it will be installed on your system. We are done! Go on and launch the GNOME clocks.

GNOME Clocks

Now you can set an alarm or a timer and start stopwatch in your Ubuntu. You can also view the world time of your current location as well as your added locations.

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